Company History...

Our company was started in Nov 1973 with the first model being released in January 1974 at the now well-known "Windsor Swap meet".

Their first customer for the Mercedes Benz 540K were the Lang brothers of Danhausen in Germany and many models were produced for them over the following 10 years, as well as Western's own comprehensive range. Gunter Lang went on to produce the now famous Minichamps range in China of which Western produced some early examples.

During the 1970's and 80's a strong link was forged with many F1 Teams and models were produced in lots of different scales from 1/87th through to l/4 original size.

Having started in Epsom, Surrey from an idea originally planned in Devon, the company moved to various larger premises in Redhill, Surrey and then a major move back west to Taunton. With Acre Ridge, the company was again based in a rural setting, and the company had gone back to its "Western" roots before being sold and moved "East".

Whilst in Taunton a new range of Aircraft was started in 1/200th scale and represented 50% of Western Models production. In a return to the "Windsor Swap Meet" nearly 21 years to the day, after selling it's original car model, Geoff Noble sold the very first Western Models aircraft, a Bristol Super Freighter, in Silver City markings.  Over the last 10 years a large range has been established.

Today, we concentrate solely on aircraft models. We have improved our toolings, and have updated the production with tamp-printing technology over the former decal process. We still produce models in a very limited number but strive to have the best attention to detail.

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